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28 septembre 2017 de 9:00am - 10:00am



Karine Lavictoire

Designer stylist


Advisor in covering materials and interior finishing for ten years, and having studied design, I set myself apart by my attention to detail. Maximize, organize and embellish are key words that sum up my creations. Design is my vocation, a real passion at all times. I like to design and polish a decor so that it can reflect the image of its occupants. Listening is fundamental, you have to know how to hear and understand everyone's expectations and desires with the ultimate goal of successfully meeting and delivering the desired result. Creator of atmosphere and expert in the use of spaces, my goal is to make your environment pleasant rooms where it is good to live. All your spaces have the potential for improvement, you just need to be able to spot their particularity.


My favorite decorative style?


I love that a decor crosses the years without marking a specific era. In my opinion, the method is to harmonize different styles in order to obtain a timeless atmosphere. It is essential to respect the architecture of the house when creating and personalizing a decor. It's like a cooking recipe, you have to know the right proportion in order to obtain the right balance.


The object that I cannot part with?


My vacuum cleaner! I like that the surfaces are always clean. So I always prioritize materials and decorative objects that have the characteristic of being easy to maintain. Forget the hours of cleaning with me!


My color par excellence?


White, should I say whites. I love white for its versatility and the light it brings to a room. Everything can be highlighted when paired with white. For some, white is not a color, but think again because with all the nuances it offers us, white is often the start of a colorful achievement.