your team of interior designers in the Laurentians for over 12 years!

About Us

Our mission is to achieve the universe you dream of with the light, colors and textures that make you vibrate. Some like the abstract, others the concrete. Some prefer a warm and vibrant atmosphere, while others desire a calm and soothing environment. It's perfect that way and we understand that it's important for you to be in tune with the environment around you.

We are known for our high quality achievements, our timeless and functional designs as well as the mastery with which we orchestrate our projects. We believe that our home is a haven of peace and rejuvenation for each of us; that is why we attach so much importance to it and devote a great deal of energy to it.

After more than 12 years of creations and enriching experiences, we are grateful for all the customers and partners that the universe has put on our way. The team has grown, our achievements have been the subject of several publications in magazines and we have received honorary mentions. It's certainly nice and rewarding to celebrate these great successes, but what matters most to us is that you feel good to be at home.

We look forward to accompanying you in your projects and realizing together the universe of your dreams!

The designers


Innovative interior designer

Interior designer for over 12 years, I am interested in everything visible and invisible that affects our home. Whether it is the energies of the place, the sacred architecture and geometry, the healthy and ecological materials, I am always thirsty to know more and to make you benefit from my assets. My inspiration comes from Earth, from living things and from your own essence. I try to do justice to all this infinite beauty, this harmony of unity and this true love in my creations so that you are nourished every moment in your home.  


Interior decorator and stylist

Consultant in covering materials and interior finishing for more than 10 years, I stand out for my attention to detail. Maximize, organize and embellish are keywords that sum up my creations. Design is my calling; a real passion at all times. I like to design and refine a décor so that it reflects the image of its occupants. For me, listening is fundamental in order to fully understand everyone's expectations and desires. Creator of ambiance and expert in the exploitation of spaces, my goal is to make your environment pleasant rooms where it is good to live.


Friendly interior designer assistant

For 10 years now, I have been the lucky one to share your ideas and projects with during the first phone call. I assist Mélyssa and Karine in their presentation meetings and their research. I also support you throughout the completion of your renovation or new home projects by coordinating with the contractor and the various stakeholders. I wear several hats within the team and I am equally friendly in each of these roles! Looking forward to discussing your project with you!


Autocad whiz

I love making plans, either 3D or 2D perspectives, to better visualize my ideas. I find that materials come to life when presented in perspective with the entire decor. 3D color perspectives are, in my opinion, a must to properly represent living spaces. Additionally, interior design is a passion of mine. Having manual skills, in my free time, I enjoy tinkering and creating decorative assemblies. I don't have the chance to meet you, but I am proud to participate in your projects by designing your plans.


Architectural Technologist

As an architectural technician, I participate in the realization of architectural projects by intervening in the design, planning, construction and renovation stages of buildings. Newly in the field of interior design, I have the pleasure of assisting Mélyssa and Karine from the team and I am enthusiastic to create your plans according to your tastes and expectations. Whether it is for the design of complete house plans or for the design of small decorative furniture, I am happy to contribute to the transformation of your living spaces.

Our values


Whether with our customers or our partners, we guarantee that everything is put in place to ensure good communication.


We are on the lookout for trends and the best ways of doing things in the industry. We will be able to share our expertise and make you live a pleasant experience throughout the realization of your project.


We are able to guide you in the best choices to make for your home and to contribute to the local economy.