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28 septembre 2017 de 9:00am - 10:00am



Mélyssa Robert

Visionary designer


My ultimate goal is to design the most practical and functional living space to make your everyday life easier. I am recognized for my high quality achievements, my sought after and functional decorations, as well as the mastery with which I orchestrate my projects. I am passionate about building my own homes and already have several homes under my belt. For me, collaboration and teamwork are essential for the succeed of a project. I always surround myself with people who are professionally exceptional. I am serious about each project I am apart of and I am always eager to learn more.

My preffered style

I love them all! When it comes time to choose for me, I have to think for a long time before I make my choice. On the other hand, I always favour natural materials such as wood and stone that provide a timeless look.

My favorite colour

You will have guessed that I really love red! This colour evokes for me passion. In order to appreciate red in all its richness, white is in order. White can highlight textures and colours, so it is therefore my favorite wall colour.