How setting up a home office?

By : Karine Lavictoire


Tips for setting up a home office. Tips for designing a trendy teleworking space by interior designer Melyssa Robert.

More and more of us are working from home, some are lucky enough to have a room dedicated to this purpose, while others have to compose to create multifunctional spaces. We are convinced that the right environment will bring you well-being and success! Here are 5 design tips for your home office and our favorites to inspire you:
1. DISTRACTION-FREE SPACE: Avoid sitting on the corner of a table and instead opt for a little-used area of the house.

2. LIGHTING: Prioritize choosing a space with maximum natural light. Natural light is proven to increase daily energy. Do not place lighting directly above a computer screen. It is also forbidden to position the screen in front of a light source. This causes glare and eyestrain. If the environment offers little natural light, compensate with dimmable accent lights.

3. A DESK ADAPTED TO YOUR NEEDS: Are you wondering about the table surface required for your desk, will you need a sit-stand desk? One thing is certain, a good chair adapted to the height of your surface is essential for your comfort.

4. MAXIMUM STORAGE: In order to have your ideas well organized, nothing like a tidy desk. Make sure you have easy access to your supplies, whether they're stored in drawers or inside cupboards, or on a shelf. You have to think about aesthetics, but also about practicality.

5. THE ATMOSPHERE: Brighten up your home office space with plants, candles or an air diffuser. The colors of the surrounding decor will also create different impacts on your daily work. Take the time to choose the color you want.

Photos credits: Pinterest & Mélyssa Robert Designer