What is design support for a new construction?

By : Mélyssa Robert

The Panoramique

Complete design support for a new house

Mélyssa Robert and her team of interior designers were given carte blanche to carry out the entire design of this property, from the design of the plans to the installation of each of the decorative accessories. The house was razed to be rebuilt on the original foundations.

STEP 1- PLANS & MATERIALS. Several planning meetings took place before construction began to design the plans according to their needs, choose the appropriate materials to achieve the desired atmosphere and develop the 3D perspectives to ensure the expected result.

STEP 2 - SUBMISSIONS. Various communications with the contractor and partners to discuss the feasibility of the work and construction costs. The objective being to calculate the overall cost of the project and validate with the established budget.

STEP 3 - CONSTRUCTION. Orders, deliveries, installation, monitoring and site visits to ensure that all information is clear on the plans and is followed by the different trade shifts.

STEP 4 - DECORATION. Selection of furniture, rugs, paintings and every little detail to personalize the house. Placement of decorative objects to finalize the decor.

The owners wanted a house where life was good, which optimized the view of the lake and which had a look that was both modern and timeless. The windows at the back of the house are the largest you can carry on the road. A large balcony accommodates a spa, an outdoor fireplace and a pizza oven. The materials were chosen for their textured and natural appearance. The engineered flooring is embossed, the backsplash is concrete, the quartz countertop has a matte finish and the fireplace stone is varied. The colors are generally neutral to give way to a calm and relaxing atmosphere. A few cognac accents energize and add warmth to the decor. The use of metal on the staircase, the cellar, the island legs, the log storage and the doors adds character to this home. The wrought iron lighting fixtures from the Hubbardton Forge company were also carefully chosen. LED strips are integrated into the shower walls of the master bathroom to ensure sufficient lighting and create a cozy atmosphere.

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