How to renovate your bathroom to your liking?

By : Mélyssa Robert

Bathroom renovation according to your tastes and needs

Mélyssa Robert, interior designer, presents a bathroom in 4 different decors and gives you tips for creating the bathroom of your dreams.

You will have noticed that the layout of the bathroom is the same, only the materials change and this gives completely different looks and atmospheres. I recommend starting with questions about your needs for storage and counter space, required plumbing fixtures, and desired level of maintenance. When the layout is well thought out, you can have fun with the colors and textures of the materials to create your bathroom that matches your personality! Do you want a timeless, modern, classic or trendy look? Will the room be warm or vibrant? With the array of tiles, cabinet panels, plumbing fixtures and decorative accessories on the market, you will find everything you need for your bathroom. I advise you to start with a favorite and choose all the materials that then match with this one.

What if, we could have access to all these atmospheres? That in an instant, everything is transformed according to our emotions! In my wildest dreams, I imagine that upon entering a room, the colors, textures and brightness connect to our state of being. Welcome in my world! In the meantime, let's create the bathroom of your dreams together!